our master baker!

humble beginnings and a passion for the sweet life!

My name is Gee, but when I am caking I go by Suzy Q! I have been rocking cakes since I was 4 years old! Even when I was little, I was never a fan of store bought cakes. So, I made it my mission to make cakes taste as good as they looked. I have spent the last eight years perfecting my recipes and sharing my creations with friends, coworkers and family. Pretty soon they couldn’t get enough and the word spread. People I didn’t even know started offering to pay me to provide cakes for their parties and events. In 2016, I decided to turn my hobby into a business focused on baking the world into a better place! 

But you’re probably wondering where Suzy Q comes into the picture. Once a upon a time, when I was still in high school, my best friend and I randomly decided to make up fictional characters. Mine was Suzy Q, a sassy, fun loving, stick figure girl who loved cake and sweets more than anything else in the world! She is my sweet superhero, with special baking powers, baking the world into a better place!  Suzy Q’s love for sweets has inspired me to bake my heart out and share it with the world! Join us on our sweet adventure and we promise to bring you sweets you’ll never forget!

XOXO- Suzy Q